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The Deep Fake's little brother

The Moderator is a new addition to the Ride Family. With a similar profile to the Deep Fake, the more approachable construction gives a responsive ride without sacrificing stability.  The Linear Carbon Strips give the board extra snap and pop whilst helping with dampening with Impact plates under foot to help with absorption. 

Chase pow, carve hard without burning your legs. It's like a Deep Fake, but on a diet. After all, it is healthy to eat in moderation.

SPECIALTY: Groomers/Pow

RESPONSE: Medium/Aggressive

DESIGN: Tapered Directional Extra Camber

Construction Features:
  • Directional Extra Camber
  • Precured Glass
  • Linear Quadratic Sidecut
  • Sintered, Stone Ground Base
  • Bio-Resin
  • Performance Light Core
  • Linear Carbon
  • Simple Impact Plates
  • Hybrid Glass
  • Slim Walls
  • Carbon Array 3