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The all new Benchwarmer is an aggressive twin shape suited to riders seeking hardpack performance in the park. The Benchwarmer offers our most aggressive camber profile for the riders demanding a precise and crisp ride. The Benchwarmer is at home on the big line of the park and on firm snow. The Twin Hybrid Camber provides stability for jumping as well as aggressive high-speed turns.

Asymmetric shaping improves heelside turn initiation and control with different radii for the heel and toeside edges. Carbon Array 3™ gives you extra pop without adding stiffness. New Carbon Slim Walls reduce weight, increase damping, increase energy transfer and enhance response stability and durability.

The Benchwarmer is a performance-focused twin suited for intermediate to advanced riders looking for hard snow performance in a snappy, predictable twin shape.

SPECIALTY: All MountainParkPowderGroomers

RESPONSE: Aggressive

DESIGN: Twin Extra Camber

Construction Features:
  • Twin Standard Camber
  • Quadratic Sidecut
  • Pre-cured Fiberglass
  • Sintered, Stone Ground Base
  • Performance™ Core
  • Carbon Slimewalls®
  • Double Impact Plates
  • Carbon Array 3™
  • Roll-In Construction