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Enhanced technology for those that demand the most out of their gear -- the K2 Special Effects is a soft snow specialist that can hold its own on groomers, hard pack, and long traverses out to the soft stuff.

K2 have unleashed an exciting new design in the shape of the Special Effects. The nose of the board features 8mm of contour from heel to toe, making it easier than ever before to plane out in deep snow while providing predictable turn initiation regardless of snow or terrain type. This contour helps to deflect snow and slush, eliminating drag and acting like a plow at the tip of your snowboard.

Strength is harnessed from a tri-wood blend Bambooyah™ Core and wrapped in ICG™ 10 Carbon Fiberglass - featuring ten tip-to-tail carbon stringers--for a solid, damp, and stable feel. It's Volume Shift™ design philosophy means you can downsize the board 4-10cm from your usual board length without sacrificing float while increasing maneuverability.

Underfoot, the tough-as-nails Sintered 4000 is fast, durable, and holds wax much better than extruded base materials. Lastly, the Hybritech™ Sidewalls are the most durable sidewall construction on the market, meaning this pow hunter will remain in your quiver for years to come.

Estimated arrival date is May 2024

Volume Shift sizing: Our recommended ride for this board is 7-10cm shorter than your normal snowboard size.

Terrain: Deep Snow, Backcountry
Riding Style: Freeride
Ability Level: Intermediate to Expert
  • ICG™ 10 Biax Carbon Fiberglass - Biaxial fiberglass weave w/10 integrated carbon stringers.
  • Bambooyah™ Core - Renewable, responsive, and ultra-strong – 5 year warranty.
  • 3D Base Contour - 8mm of spoon-like contour on nose and tail increases predictability/float.
  • Sintered 4000 Base - Soaks up wax for premium glide while remaining supremely durable


  • Directional Rocker Profile
  • Bambooyah™ Core
  • ICG™ 10 Biax Glass with Carbon
  • Volume Shift™
  • 3D Contour Nose
  • Sintered 4000 Base