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The K2 Afterblack is a premium freestyle snowboard that specializes in night missions, wall rides, huge airs, and promises to come through in the clutch to give you the confidence to give it one more go. Designed for the intermediate-to-expert level snowboarder, the Afterblack is a mid-flexing true-twin with a Combination Camber Profile - with camber in between the bindings and rocker on the outside of the insiders - giving it a playful feel while still being able to hold speed and track straight into the next feature.

It’s tri-blend BAP Core blends bamboo, aspen, and paulownia woods together to deliver snap and rebound while damping vibration on the harshest landings. Wrapping the core, tip-to-tail triaxially woven fiberglass and Carbon DarkWeb™ gives the Afterblack stability and edge control for popping off lips and sending big side hits, and the fast and durable Sintered 4000 base soaks up wax to ensure you’ll have enough speed to send you well past the knuckle and down to the sweet spot in the landing.

Terrain: Park, Street, Resort
Riding Style: Freestyle
Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • BAP Core - Tri-species renewable wood core deliver a strong, lightweight, and responsive ride.
  • Carbon DarkWeb™ - Increased board response and stability and adds pop to tip and tail.
    Sintered 4000 Base - Soaks up wax for premium glide while remaining supremely durable
  • Twin Combination Camber Profile, BAP Core, Triax Glass, Carbon DarkWeb™, Sintered 4000 Base, 2x4 Inserts