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The  Arbor Annex is the newest and most technical board in their line, that is Bryan Iguchi's creation and an evolution of his Iguchi Pro Camber board. Focused on riding big mountain lines, the Annex has a longer nose, 2cm of taper and a stub tail. With those three features you get a ride that floats easily through powder, has strong edge hold and a tail that can handle big drops and deep slashes. 


Board Type: Powder and Freeride

Camber Type: The Camber System

The Camber System from Arbor is a parabolic take on positive camber that progressively reduces the amount of camber towards the tip and tail. This ensures your contact points don't dig too hard into the snow, preventing edge catch, making it easier to turn and spin, and giving you a poppy ride with fully engaged performance.

Flex: 7/10 (1 = soft, 10 = stiff)

A mid-stiff flex that is perfect for hard charging riders that need to get the most from their boards, but still like it to have a bit of play.

Shape: Directional

This board has a directional shape, with a shorter tail and taper.

Core: Double Barrel Core

A blend of Poplar with Paulownia, that has bamboo stringers running down the center of the board, which add extra pop.

Base: Sintered Base

A high molecular weight base that provides extra durability and speed.

Additional Features:

Bio Plastic Topsheet - Made from Bio Bean Oil, it is an eco-friendly topsheet that is very durable and water resistant, as well as reducing the need for petroleum based plastics in the production of the boards.

Mixed Glassing - A Triax and Biax layup that provides superior versatility over standard Triax or Biax layups.