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Brett - 20 January 2017

Thanks so much Steve for getting me onto the flow Darwin! Made riding the powder in Japan this year that much more special!!!

Stephanie - 5 August 2016

Big thanks to Sandy for all the help today! Can't top his enthusiasm, knowledge and went out of his way to help us. Hugely appreciated, and walked out with a pretty awesome looking setup! Cheers!

Stefanie - 25 July 2016

Just wanted to thank Josh hugely for all his help today, he turned a disappointing experience into a great one. I purchased some Burton boots last year which weren't fitted right unfortunately and they were hurting my feet real bad! Took them back after wearing them once and they tried a few things to make them better, but unfortunately it didn't work. At this stage I thought I had thrown my money down the drain and would just have to either suck it up or buy new ones. A year passed, we went up to Buller last weekend and it got to lunch time and I couldn't board anymore was in quite a bit of pain!! Then We saw on their Facebook page that they guarantee their boots and fitting them right. So, I thought it was worth a shot (not thinking they would be able to do anything) I bought them back and they replaced them for me, I was sooo happy as I thought being a year on i didn't have a hope, Josh was fantastic and spent the time finding the right boots for me, was very impressed. Thanks again!! Can't wait to use them and not be sore anymore.

Kathleen - 21 July 2016

Matt from Ballistyx is absolutely amazing!!!
Very thorough and knowledgeable. Bindings I had originally purchased weren't a good fit for me or for my style of riding so I came in and we started all over again!!! The bindings I had my heart set on the second time round were almost perfect, but I looked at him and asked him to talk me out of them (as I can be very impulsive) which he did as he noticed my boot design and the bindings weren't too compatible and he suggested another pair similar to the ones I wanted.
His attention to perfection and detail (as well as colours) was amazing!!!! Went boarding the next day at Falls Creek and I've fallen in love with the snow all over again!!!
Would definitely recommend!!!!!