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Changing of the guard.

The Rival was developed by Juliette Pelchat @jubespelchat for women who charge and
want a board that performs to the best of their ability. Juliette rides the 149. The versatility of the MidBite profile makes this board the perfect board for riders that want stability and response when they ride.

The art was made by Crystal Legoffe @not.enough.ram a Whistler local that also rides
YES. boards. She worked closely with Juliette while building this graphic. The art this
year for the rival is tattoo inspired with a nod to the renewal of 90s grunge fashion -something I’m personally happy about! Juliette and I wanted to keep the design playful but make it seem more like the cool older sister of the previous rival. (Maybe just like her?) we hope you like it and are inspired to get a cool tattoo or do something rad!

Arriving Late April

Flip Flop base will vary

Outline: MidBite

Shape: True Twin
Core: Full Poplar
Glass: Triax
Basse Material: Sintered True
Flex: 6/10
Base Profile: Camber