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The original volume shift board that has been copied the world over, throw in a life time warranty and you have a lifetime friend in the Pow, the ultimate floater, the ultimate shorty, do things with this weird board you never thought possible, easy to ride and play with, experiment and push the limits on your 420.

Finish the day off laying back recalling all the sweet things you did together, a smile on your face as you go to sleep!

The Yes 420 boasts Yes' DVT Directional Weird design so you can ride many centimetres shorter so you can charge and turn quick between the trees whilst popping 3's without the added swing weight of a normal sized board.

This surf inspired design featuring Yes' PowRock flat camber design keeps it easy and slash friendly, and boy is this board light! The Weightless Core designed specifically for the 420 and the 20-20 floats like no other and makes you feel like you are riding the clouds! With its Sintered Spec base, you get the feel of a fast hard base without the price tag

This is the main tool that our boys at White Ride Tours use them in Japan, and for a good reason. Time to hit the surf, or in this case the pow!