ThirtyTwo -2018 TM-Two - Scott Stevens Pro Model-white

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What boot was voted the best in the world? rated amongst shop staff as the longest lasting, best fitting boot ever, simply the 32 Team Boot, Scott Stevens boots of choice, our riders have done over 100 days, one over 130 days and still going strong, Level three performance intuition liners, that we heat mould makes this simply not only the best boot but the best value boot, till last longer and hold its shape better than any other boot. With the perfect blend of support and comfort, the TM-TWO is setting the bar higher with the addition of Storm Shield shell coating for all weather protection, sealing your boots from the elements. The Tongue Tension systems adds heel lock down for a more responsive boot. Featuring dual cushioning STI Evolution Foam with System G2 Gel and a performance backstay for support on those heavy landings. With the new Performance Internal Harness, go bigger with the taller and more supportive internal lacing. Versatile for any type of riding the TM-TWO is a favourite of Scotty Stevens

If you cant get into the shop, to get your exact size simply measure your foot with your heel up against a wall and measure it in CM length, let us know what it is and we guarantee to get you the exact right size

There is so much that goes into what size board you need. The biggest misconception is that you buy a board based on if it comes to your chin, nose, eyebrows… something like that. Remember that when you are standing on your board, it has no idea how tall you are! As you initiate turns by bending the board, your body weight is a key factor as well as what kind of riding, where you are riding, foot size and lots of other factors that can influence what is right and what is no right. When you buy a board from us we will steer you in the right direction… remember we Guarantee It.