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Shred Smartefy Grab goggles are available in two options: with a frozen lens for bad weather conditions or with a CBL green - contrast boosting lens. With a universal fit approved for medium-small faces, the SMARTEFY unleashes a fury against conformity. Spherical-lens goggles feature both our NODISTORTION™ lens technology and NO BS™ Lens Replacement System and is crafted to cast light upon the path of progression. 

1. Shred Smartefy Grab Frozen 
Double lens: Frozen reflect (gray) 
Category: S1  - for bad weather conditions 
Visible Light Transmitted (VLT): 48%. 

2. Shred Smartefy Grab CBL/burn green 
Double lens: CBL/blast green contrast boosting 
Category: S2  - for sunny and partly cloudy conditions 
Visible Light Transmitted: (VLT): 25%. 

Contrast boosting lens - Lens technology for light noise canceling and image contrast/definition enhancement. By working with a color spectrum selective light filter, we created lens that mimics the behavior of noise canceling headphones on a plane to eliminate color noise while riding. The CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS also boosts contrast, which enhances image definition to be able to see more details on the snow. 


  • Weight: 140 g. 
  • Strap height: 40 mm. 
  • Size: S-ML. 
  • NoReflect. 
  • Carved sphere Wide lenses. 
  • NO BS - easy lens replacement system. 
  • 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. 
  • Tapered foam. 
  • Grip on straps. 
  • Universal helmet compatibility. 
  • Whipped cream multi layer face foam. 
  • Anti-fog. 
  • No Distortion lens. 
  • No clog. 

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