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Shred Smartefy Grab goggles are available in two options: with a frozen lens for bad weather conditions or with a CBL green - contrast boosting lens. With a universal fit approved for medium-small faces, the Smartefy unleashes a fury against conformity. Spherical-lens goggles feature both our NO DISTORTION lens technology and NO BS Lens Replacement System and is crafted to cast light upon the path of progression. 

1. Shred Smartefy Grab Frozen
Double lens: Frozen reflect (grey)
Category: S1  - for bad weather conditions
Visible Light Transmitted (VLT): 48%.

2. Shred Smartefy Grab CBL/burn green
Double lens: CBL/blast green contrast boosting
Category: S2  - for sunny and partly cloudy conditions
Visible Light Transmitted: (VLT): 25%. 

Contrast boosting lens - Lens technology for light noise canceling and image contrast/definition enhancement. By working with a colour spectrum selective light filter, we created lens that mimics the behavior of noise canceling headphones on a plane to eliminate color noise while riding. The CONTRAST BOOSTING LENS also boosts contrast, which enhances image definition to be able to see more details on the snow.


  • Weight: 140 g
  • Strap height: 40 mm
  • Size: S-ML
  • NoReflect
  • Carved sphere Wide lenses
  • NO BS - easy lens replacement system
  • 100% UVA, UVB, and UVC protection
  • Tapered foam
  • Grip on straps
  • Universal helmet compatibility
  • Whipped cream multi layer face foam
  • Anti-fog
  • No Distortion lens
  • No clog