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The 2020 Len Jorgensen Pro Model Rome Gang Plank is a super-versatile, pro-spec all-mountain freestyle snowboard. The Gang Plank is perfect for riders out there that hike features in the park, go on missions to find natural hits in the back country & run riot hot lapping the resort.

Len Jorgensen’s unique approach to riding is a perfect embodiment of the Gang Plank — creativity and fun dominate his approach regardless of where his board takes him.

The Gang Plank features a Quickrip sidecut, this incorporates two intersecting sidecuts that work in conjunction with each other, the level of grip received is dependent on how much pressure is being put through the snowboard. Mid-board contact points are found at the sidecut blend zones for fine-tuned nimble smooth control at slower speeds, when ripping around faster the full edge is pressurised providing a solid edge lock & control at high speeds.

The FreePop Rocker profile features a flat profile with rockered nose & tail. This camber profile is great for freestyle riding, creating a catch free, easy to track & balance board. Versatile rockered tips provide easy turn initiation & float for freestyle powder hounds.

The pop core matrix consists of two zones of low density wood, balancing lightweight strength & response. Super biax laminates provide a poppy ride with a smooth flex, perfect for freestyle riding & easy cruising. Single barrel bamboo hot rods are inlaid giving the Gang Plank the board performance advanced riders look for. This harnesses the natural rebound properties of bamboo to give the Gang Plank incredible pop off any lip whilst reducing chatter on variable terrain.

The Rome boys have put alot of tech into making the Gang Plank incredibly durable, making sure it'll stand up to anything you throw it at or over. Featuring Rebound sidewalls designed with an elastic compound that absorbs energy, disperses energy evenly & prevents blow outs when riding rails.

Thin basalt impact plates are laid under your bindings to increase strength against core compressions caused by bindings when you send it way too big. Basalt is a natural fibre that is super light & incredibly strong so you can really throw it down on a Gang Plank.

The Gang Plank is an amazing freestyle all-mountain snowboard, perfect for riders of all abilities who want a super versatile, fun snowboard that will push your riding to the next level.

Pro Model - Len Jorgensen pro model
Pop Core Matrix - lightweight construction with a smooth & consistent flex, perfect for creative riding
Rebound Sidewalls - Elastic sidewall compound that improves the boards overall impact absorption and resistance from heavy impacts
Straight Biax Laminate - Lightweight and flexible for great freestyle pop and response all over the mountain
Hot Rods - Bamboo Single barrel
Basalt Impact Plates - Basalt inserted into the core for greater durability and stability when landing heavy
QuickRip Sidecut - Shorter edge at slow speeds longer and higher speeds
The Lowdown
Rider Profile: All Abilities
Mountain Profile: All mountain freestyle
Camber Profile: Freepop Rocker
Shape: True Twin
Base: SinterTrue Base
Flex: Medium

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