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Designed for riders who want a mellow flexing binding that puts them in comfort-focused control, the Flare has got your back. This progression-oriented binding provides ample support thanks to the PureFlex Ankle Strap paired with a supportive highback and our surfy AsymWrap Platform.

FLEX: 5/10

ASYMWRAP: Built to maximize tweakability and a surfy board feel, our innovative AsymWrap platform started the conversation about how bindings can and should ride.

PUREFLEX ANKLE STRAP: Built with the maximum coring and minimally styled, this ankle strap is medium flexing and built to tweak.

PROGRIP TOE STRAP: Built for foolproof simplicity, this minimalist styled toe strap has maximum coring for a lightweight and versatile design.

HIGHBACK ROTATION: Designed so riders can adjust their highbacks to mirror the angle of their heelside edge for maximum power transfer.