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Rome - Arsenal - Army

  • $35900

Rome's Arsenal has a playful blend of responsive snap with high comfort thanks to it's sturdy highback and soft ankle straps. The Arsenal lets you cruise corduroy, slay the park, or head into that deep pow. It's your choice! Turn the whole mountain into your own playground with Rome's Arsenal!

Colour and Sizes
Army: S/M, L/XL
Customized Flex and Pop
UnderWrap Heel Hoop
Technology For Connected Comfort
ConFormist Toe Strap
Contour Ankle Strap
More Tech
Arsenal Highback
Full Highback Rotation
Short-Fiber Baseplate
SubBase Pad
EVA InBase Pad
Multiple Strap Positions
QuickAdjust for Strap Length
Tool-Free Forward Lean Adjuster
Flex Rating

Size Guide

US Mens 4—9.5
US Mens 9—14

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