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The KX is designed to give you the confidence to enjoy the pleasurable and satisfying intimacy with your snowboard, whether you use it a little or a lot. There's never been a better time to take your snowboarding to the next level. The KX Spectrum Chassis System is the perfect shape for helping create a deep and sensual connection with your snowboard. The Slimeback DE highback is responsive enough to perform all over the mountain, but soft enough for you to ignite your freestyle passions. Experience the next level of board on binding intimacy and on-snow pleasure with a range of KX sizes to fit any boot. The KX gives you the freedom to be spontaneous whether you love experiencing a freshly cut pipe or stimulating the backside on a powder day!

Flex: 2/10 - Soft

Board Compatibility:

Compatible with all 2x4 and channel system boards.

Base Plate: Spectrum Chassis System

A lightweight injected polycarbonate chassis with a stance correct heel cup.

High Back: KX Highback

A lightweight, soft flexing yet responsive highback.

Buckles: Astroglyde OG Aluminum Ratchets

These ratchet levers work as good as they look and are one of the smoothest feeling ratchets on the market.

Straps: Freestyle Ankle Strap + ThinGrip Plus Toe Strap

The Freestyle Ankle Strap is a comfortable strap that locks you down but don't hold you back, and is combined with the ThinGrip Plus Toe Strap which features a lightweight, over-moulded rubber web for super snug boot hold.

Cushioning: Wedgie Footbed

This ultra-light footbed uses subtle angles to realign the knees and ankles for a more natural stance, resulting in less joint stress and fatigue.