Protest - Finest - Mens Jacket - Olive

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The Protest Finest snowjacket is a highly technical, and powerful piece of snow gear. It’s strong, secure, and cool. Featuring a slim fit and regular length the Protest Finest snowjacket is part of the Protest Geotech 10.000 Fabric Series. Created to meet the demands of big mountain snowboard or ski riders, the Protest Finest is able to withstand 10k mm of water pressure, safeguarding a waterproof finish. Provides a breathability factor of 10 grs, preventing sweat and moisture staying near the skin, and therefore maintains warmth.

Features an adjustable fixed hoodie providing warmth and protection. Durable YKK zipper delivers secure body enclosure. Standard waistgaiter keeps snow out. Includes a convenient lift pass holder in the sleeve pocket allowing you quick access in and out of the slopes. Elastane and Velcro cuffs bindings guarantee a snug fit around your gloves. Goggle pocket keeps your outlook crystal clear. Pockets let you bring all your essentials. Armpit ventilation zippers allow perspiration to escape, preventing cool down, and maintaining a healthy body temperature.

Easy headphone access encourages you to bring a soundtrack to your adventure. Wear the Protest Finest snowjacket and feel confident and protected in even the most extreme weather conditions.

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