NOW Vetta Women's Bindings - Aqua/Gold

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The NOW Vetta is the first women's binding in their line, taking you to that next level of riding. Although it feels different at first for those used to traditional bindings, the Skate-Tech design will quickly polish you up for tighter lines and increased crushing power. This design eases your edge-to-edge carves by simplifying the process of transferring energy from heel-to-toe. In the process, it also dampens wild vibrations and saves your feet a ton of work! Finished off with their Sieva Straps, these beauties have unique durability with a modern design, making the Now Vetta Snowboard Bindings an instant classic.

  • Skate-Tech
  • Flushcup Technology
  • Highcup compatibility
  • NEW SIEVA straps (patent pending)
  • NEW buckles 2.0
  • Hanger is nylon reinforced with 15% fibreglass
  • NEW 3-D minimal toe straps
  • NOW tool-less adjuster straps
  • Flex Hinge highback with NEW EVA padding
  • Disc ring: 50% GF Nylon
  • Disc: 50% GF Nylon
  • Bushings available in soft (40 shore)
  • Two disc options: 4x4 hole pattern and EST channel disc available
  • Lifetime warranty program
  • Flex rating: 5
  • All-mountain/freestyle