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The 2019 Now Brigade is the freestyle favourite of the Now range, featuring a versatile mid flex that can press on rails, tweak your grabs, and handle big jumps. For the 2019 Season the Brigade has received an upgraded highback that will elevate your riding to new heights, and as always the Now Skate Tech baseplate gives you a stronger, more natural connection to your board for better control and board feel. Once you try Now bindings, you'll swear by them. 

Binding Type: All Mountain Freestyle

Flex (1 - Soft / 10 - Stiff): 6 / 10

Board Compatibility: This binding is compatible with 2x4 and 4x4 mounting systems. Channel discs sold separately.

Base Plate: Skate Tech

One of the greatest inventions in bindings in the last 5 years, Skate Tech connects your baseplate disc to a hanger which pivots. This allows better response as you pull up evenly on all 4 screws equally rather than just two. The energy is then driven through the legs of the baseplate and out to the edge of the board.

High Back: New FM Highback and Hanger 2.0

The All New FM Highback features a minimalistic design with added medial and lateral kerfs for increased torsional flex. This highback is pre-rotated 10 degress for better comfort and control, and has a higher medial side for a better anatomical fit. The heelcup sits up much higher than normal bindings so you can ride these with or without highbacks.

Buckles: Buckles 2.0

Now have redesigned their buckles, with stronger levers and upgraded springs for increased durability and premium performance.

Straps: ASYM SIEVA Straps

SIEVA stands for Single Injected EVA, which means this strap is made entirely with one-part EVA injection, eliminating all issues arising from stitching and gluing the strap together and enhancing durability and comfort while reducing weight.

Cushioning: Medium Bushings

The Brigade comes with medium density bushings that sit under the 4 binding contact points in your toe and heel. These diffuse board chatter, maintain board to binding contact, and dampen your overall ride. Now Bushings snap out for easily customisable dampening and response.

Warranty: Lifetime warranty on baseplate and baseplate components. 1 year limited warranty on all other parts.

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