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NORTHWAVE Devine SL Womens Snowboard Boots - Black

NORTHWAVE Devine SL Womens Snowboard Boots - Black

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Step up your game and exceed your limits to reach amazing performance with the Devine SL.  It's the best freestyle women boot in Northwave's collection, packed with advanced technological features that give you the opportunity to achieve your dreams: KICKING ASS!!

The TF3 liner grips the foot anatomically allowing precise foothold, support, better circulation and warmth. The Hypershock sole has cushions for absorption on hard impacts and minimizes the vibrations thanks to the crossbow construction. That's not all, the boot's stability and control is increased with 540° heel hold retention system while the Super Lace closure offers a simple and quick way of locking.

Do you want the best boot, no matter where you ride? Get the Devine!!

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