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Nitro - Pyro - Mens Snowboard - 2016

NITRO Pyro Snowboard

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Ingeniously designed with an asymmetric twin shape, the Nitro Pyro Snowboard ignites your all-terrain freestyle riding with its carve-happy demeanor and playful flex pattern. Not only does this board absolutely crush the park, but it's equally confident railing turns across early-morning groomers and playing in the trees, thanks to its asymmetric twin shape. If you're not familiar with asymmetric boards, the board's heelside sidecut follows a much deeper radius, allowing for sharper, more responsive heelside turns. Ultimately, this makes the board incredibly snappy from edge-to-edge, also increasing the board's switch capabilities.

Its Cam-Out profile serves up a mellow camber along the board's running length, with early-rise at the tip and tail for catch-free freestyle. The mellow camber keeps you super-stable for attacking park features at high speeds, also providing snap for railing aggressive carves and boosting off kickers. You'll like this board profile if you're into traditional camber boards but prefer a bit more forgiving feel when you're carving and stomping landings.

Delving inside this all-terrain freestyle machine, the Powercore II is a full poplar core for a smooth feel underfoot and proven durability. Biax fiberglass and Re-Flex core profiling keep its torsional flex extremely playful, helping you press and butter with ease. Power Pods extend the board's width along the binding zones for powerful edgehold, especially in hardpack and icy conditions. These elongated "Pods" also alleviate heel and toe drag when you're carving aggressively. Other important design features include Rail Killer Edges that are twice as thick to withstand serious rail thrashings, as well as a Sintered Speed Formula HD base that's fast-gliding and tough.

  • Asymmetric twin shape
  • Cam-Out profile (mellow camber w/early-rise tips)
  • PowerCore II (poplar wood with beech stringers)
  • Re-Flex core profiling (thinner between inserts)
  • Biax fiberglass
  • Power Pods (wider zones along bindings)
  • Rail Killer Edge (twice as thick)
  • Sintered Speed Formula HD base
  • Item #NTR004D

Tech Specs

Length: 159 cm
Profile: Cam-Out (mellow camber with early-rise tips)
Shape: asymmetrical twin
Flex: medium-soft
Stance: centered
Mount: 4-hole
Core: PowerCore II (poplar with beech stringers)
Wrap: biax
Edge: Power Pods (wider at binding zones for more edge control), Rail Killer Edge (200% thicker)
Base: Sintered Speed Formula HD
Recommended Use: all-mountain, park & freestyle

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