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The 2020 Lib Tech Lost Rocket is the kind of mayhem you want under your feet when the snow gets deep. Designed by legendary surfboard shaper Matt Biolos, the Rocket has a lifetime of surf experience built into it, letting you surf, carve, and slash the snow as if it were a wave, giving you the closest feeling you'll ever have to surfing without actually surfing. Along with the insane surf and float in powder, the Rocket absolutely rips the resort, being an amazingly fast and stable carving board as well thanks to its progressive elliptical sidecut that slashes through just about any snow condition.

Board Type: Powder and groomers

Camber Type: C3

c3 camber

Very mild rocker between your feet with powerful camber to the tip and tail. This is Mervins version of traditional camber, offering maximum edge hold, pop, power and precision with extra float and carve.

Flex: 7/10 (1=soft, 10=stiff)

Shape: Directional

This board has a wider, pointy nose and a tapered tail for effortless float in powder. 

Core: OP+ Original Power + Sintered Base

Light, Environmentally Nice, Strong. Combines Aspen and Paulownia woods with Triax and Biax Fibreglass for a great long lasting ride.

Base: Sintered

Fast and rugged with maximum wax retention