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Known and loved for its fit and ease of use, the K2 Maysis is loaded with a feature set well above its competition. The Maysis features an articulating cuff that is paired with K2’s Endo 2.0 construction to eliminate shell distortion while retaining support and stability. Internally, an Intuition Control Foam liner works with our Conda Boa for unrivaled fit and on the fly adjustability. 

A capable and reel based lacing system that creates even tension and easy lacing operation. This system features low friction guides for even tightening. Boa Coiler works to automatically retract lace slack so your boots stay nice and neat.

Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner

3D Built with a blend of high and medium density Intuition foam, this is our most versatile liner. With internal and external J-Bars and a 3D molded EVA insole, the Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner is built to provide all-day comfort and support.


The patented K2 CONDA System allows you to tighten, loosen or adjust your liner on-the-fly – from outside of the boot! The first time you try this, you’ll wonder how you ever rode without it.

How it works: Whether attached to a Boa reel or part of our K2 Conda system, the CONDA minimized harness is securely built into the shell of the boot and tightens around the liner to lock your foot in position. Focus is on the superior ankle support and heel hold. The harness lace is threaded through a floating tongue lace guide, allowing riders to customize fit for maximum comfort.

  • FEATURES: H3 BOA Coiler Lacing, Articulating Cuff Upper with Endo 2.0, Intuition Control Foam 3D Liner, BOA Conda Liner Lacing, 3D Formed EVA Footbed, Vibram Pro Light Outsole.