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The K2 Eighty-Seven, the versatile all-mountain slayer, Transworld Good Wood Winner, this directional Volume Shift Board allows you to downsize the board 5-7cm from what you would traditionally ride for a surfy and manoeuvrable feel as you sail through the powder and float through the trees.

K2's Bambooyah Core provides that extra snappy feeling that only bamboo can, with added Carbon Torque Forks that puts carbon out past the contact points of the board for extra stability and responsiveness.

Its Directional Camber Baseline puts camber in the mid-section with slight rocker in the tip and tail so you can euro carve and pop like never before.

If you want to surf the mountain in ways you've only dreamt of then pick up the K2 Eighty-Seven and bring that dream to life.

All our customers that have bought this board have raved about it, whether it be Japan, Canada or here in Australia, the one common factor is the board's versatility.

One board does it all!

  • Volume Shift Shaping - Downsize 5-7 cm from your standard board length
  • Directional Outline
  • Babooyah Core with Carbon Torque Forks
  • Directional Camber Baseline
  • 10mm Taper

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