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The 2022 Bottle Rocket loves any freestyle obstacle in its way; park laps, street missions, slushy spring conditions, these are the situations the Bottle Rocket craves. Boasting a natural mid-wide width and a long sidecut radius for catch-free carves and extra stability, you can carve up the groomers as well as you can take on jumps and rails.

Press and pop to the max with the predictable, pressable Twin Rocker camber profile, beefed up with carbon torque forks and the K2 special ollie bar that is primed and ready to put the power back into your ollies. If your park board is lacking some spark, feel the explosive power of the Bottle Rocket.

Terrain: Resort Groomers, Small to Large Freestyle Features & Streets

Riding Style: All-Mountain Freestyle

Camber Type: Twin Rocker Profile


Flat between your feet leading into rocker at the tip and tail. This provides the catch-free feeling of rocker with the added stability and predictability of flat.

Flex: 5/10 (1 = soft / 10 = stiff)

A medium flex gives you plenty of control for hitting big features and riding hard and fast, but still has enough flex that keeps the riding fun.

Shape: Twin

Ride regular, switch or upside down and you are in for a good time. If you were to fold this board in half, you would find perfect symmetry from tip to tail. Jib, spin and stomp with confidence and perfect balance.

Core: BAP Core

snowboard construction bottle rocket

Three species of renewable timber combine to make a core that is strong, lightweight, and dampens your ride without using additional materials.

ICG 20 Triax Glass w/ Carbon

Integrating tip to tail carbon fibre stringers into fibreglass lay-ups ensures a smooth power release in and out of turns while increasing pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity.

Ollie Bar

Built in place with pre-loaded cambered shape and placed between the binding inserts, the Ollie Bar silences the myth that rocker boards don't have the same pop that cambered snowboards do.

Carbon Torque Forks

Adding carbon that extends from the inserts to the contact point allows for an extra responsive and stable ride.

Base: Sintered 4000

The Sintered 4000 base absorbs wax deep into the base for relentless glide and durability.

Inserts: 2x4