K2 Backside Float 15L BackPack

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The K2 15 Liter Float Pack is the smaller version of the 30 Liter Float Pack, but boasts all the same features and abilities of its big brother. K2 has partnered with BCA to create a line of avalanche float packs that compare well with the highest end offerings from other brands. Both the 15 and 30 liter packs were designed to carry all the necessary backcountry safety gear for guides, backcountry enthusiasts, and anyone who doesn't want to leave any equipment at home. Stay safe with K2 Float bags!


  • Float airbags system integrated
  • Easy to access main compartment
  • Diagonal ski carry
  • Vertical snowboard carry
  • Exterior pole and axe storage
  • 1.69lbs for AIRbag System, 1.25lbs for cylinder (Not Included), 4.2lbs total.
  • 15 Liter volume

Compressed Gas Cylinder Not Included.


  • A well-thought-out design gives the K2 Float 15 plenty of space to fit the gear you'd need on a day tour. A thick zipper with three sliders (each with big pull-loops) accesses the main pocket, where the compressed air cylinder attaches to the airbag. Inside the main compartment, which is big enough to stash a shell, puffy, gloves, and lunch, K2 built a smaller pocket to keep the air cylinder separated from the rest of your gear. Two mesh pockets hold smaller accessories like keys and a notebook. The pack also comes with a removable lunch bag (large enough for a PB&J and an apple) that attaches to two large strips of Velcro inside the main compartment.

    A separate front pocket was built specifically with easy access to carry your shovel, probe, and skins. A small hole in the bottom of that pocket lets moisture run out, and also doubles as ice-axe storage.

    Functional and well positioned pockets are a plus on this pack. PHOTO: David Reddick

    Functional and well positioned pockets are a plus on this pack. PHOTO: David Reddick

    The K2 Float 15 lets you carry skis diagonally or vertically. It also features a fleece-lined goggle pocket, a mesh strap to stow your helmet, a pocket on the waist belt, and an ergonomic EVA back panel. The fit was long, took up the length of my back, from the top of my hips to my shoulders, and felt snug. It distributed weight evenly, and was comfortable to move and ski in.

    Initially, I had wanted the 30-liter version, but after skiing with the 15 liter, I realized I didn't need the bigger pack. The 15-liter gave me all the space I needed and kept the weight down. And if the worst ever happened, the handle to deploy the airbag is right where I need it—right next to my left shoulder.

  • https://youtu.be/hQxwj0lHSNU
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