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The Jones Hovercraft is truly for the adventurous one looking to conquer the whole mountain, however it really wants to show the powder who is boss. This agile directional rocker board rides a little shorter than normal so you can find that hidden treeline you thought never existed. It floats like a powder board should, thanks to the Spoon 4.0 base and nose to keep it above the fluffy stuff whilst also preventing those edges catching. Traction tech is there just in case you decide you want to try and conquer the ice too. A staple in the Jones collection, this board is a signature board in the Jones family. 

Attitude: Powder hunter 
Terrain: All Mountain/Powder 
Camber Profile: Directional 

Sintered 7000 Base 
Blunt Nose 
Bamboo Veneer  
Biax Fibreglass 
Traction Tech 1.0 
Spoon 4.0 
Stiffness 7/10 
Wend Natural Wax