GLOBE CHET THOMAS 1V's limited edition White/Blue

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Remember when pants were baggy and shoes were phat, hang on a minute... yeah I do, the shoes lasted for ever, didn't wear out through the suede or canvas in an afternoon and they felt like you were walking on air. Problem was they lasted too long and took a day or two to wear in for skating. Well the good folk at Globe have bought out a limited edition Chet Thomas 1V re issue, back in 2000 they were $185, that's equivalent in todays money around $350 plus, jump forward to 2016 and they are only $149 and will outlast your present skate shoe about 4 to 1, then again a lot of people who bought this shoe kept em for "good" and as Chet himself said "I'll be skating forever" and maybe that's why he designed a shoe that will "last forever"