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All press is good press with the Flux PR Snowboard Bindings. Made for the people, this binding pulls out top-notch performance without being too spendy. Middle of the road flex and an adjustable strap set you up for a customized ride that'll dial in your perfect ride. Complete with F-Tech Asym Highbacks for serious response and control, making these bindings perfect for all levels of shredding.


Flex Rating (1 Soft - 5 Stiff)  3


Simple Base  The basic instinct.

Performance Blend  A nylon and fiberglass mix for all-around performance.

Tool-less Lever  Make adjustments on the fly with no tools.

Adjustable Toe Cushion  Change to fit foot size to avoid the loss of leverage.

Cork Bed  Natural cork is softer for more cushioning with a urethane coating that enhances durability and prevents snow build up.

Multi-Disc  Finally one disc that fits all! A lot of research and development went into this very durable disc that fits two, three, and four hole patterns and it provides proper toe and heel lift.


F-Tech Asym Highback  A softer flex and firmer inside flex for added response.

Urethane  A very soft and playful material designed for slashes in powder.

Micro Adjuster  2.5° adjustment increments for the forward lean adjustments.

Forward Lean Adjuster  Highback adjuster that offers precision adjustments when used in unison with Flux's Micro Adjuster.


Alpha Ratchet Buckles

UU Fit  A 360° wrap evens out pressure for a natural feel and hold. (Patent: US6, 604, 746)

Waffle Strap  The new Waffle Strap is built to achieve next level response with two-layer construction focused on direct power transfer and a seamless fit.

L-Guide  For a smooth in and out. Holds ratchet ladders down.


Beer Buckles  Newly engineered buckles give you more leverage when cranking down on the straps allowing you to get to the last click with minimal effort. Functions as a bottle opener in case of any emergencies.

Additional Features

Lightness Rating (1 Light - 5 Heavy)  2