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The Critters 3 pack is made up of quality skateboard knee pads, elbow pads and wrist guards. These products are lightweight, easy to wear and don’t restrict from dropping in for the first time or nailing your first tricks while skating mini ramp and street. The knee and elbow pads are designed to be worn against the skin for a better fit. Some cheaper protective gear does not have the back protective sock for comfort and fitting. Cheaper pads can move from the impact areas and not provide the protection when really needed, they can also be restrictive and annoying to wear. The Exite Critter knee pads are have a wide open face on the knee cap to prevent knee-cap roll and provide a good surface area to pull you up quickly but keeping you under control. Exite Critters are available in 3 sizes, (beginner/youth small, youth medium and youth large). See size chart within the Aussie Critters range.