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Freestyle oriented with reduced weight, the Supersport binding is a toolless setup for simple adjustment and alterations. The prime highback gives symmetric flex patterns to your boot. 

The Prime highback features a central spine that provides the strength needed to support any pressure while the side vents give extra flex for your turns and rotations. 

The Light Saber baseplate has contact points reduced to the minimum, in order to reduce weight and give you a better feeling while riding. The heel cup positioning is totally tool-less and has 3 different stances that are adjustable with two levers placed on the baseplate. While the new Lightsaber base plate gives you the opportunity to adjust the highback independently from the ankle straps, this means 13 different customizable combinations to suit your riding style. The Natural Cant Evo Interface has a totally new toolless design featuring the low density cushioning of the Rebound heel absorber to reduce the transference of vibrations and reduce the pounding in landings.The Classic Drake disc mounts on 4-hole and 3-hole patterns without a hassle. Don’t waste time looking for ways to rig a custom stance. 

The GT ankle strap offers just the right amount of comfort and lightness that you need, it has been developed for riders that like to push hard all day long without pressure points. Maintaining the ratchet alignment in your bindings, the Receptor keeps your gear straight when facing tough elements in the backcountry and eliminates potentially hazardous happenings. The revolutionary urethane Toe glove strap ensures a perfect fit over the toe of the boot. Its two flexible wings go around the toes, automatically forming a gapless bond between strap and boot, which keeps them secure in the binding. The Mg12 is the quickest, and most efficient ratchet in the market, with a 25% weight reduction by using magnesium instead of aluminum and added precision with the new metal button release. 

FLEX: 7/10