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The Drake Reload 2020 all-mountain/freestyle binding for intermediate and experienced men has been designed to excel both in the park and on any spot on the mountain.

By combining the super-lightweight Light Saber base plate and the Spade spoiler, the Reload is a flexible and comfortable binding that will let you go for hours without getting tired.

Equipped with the new Lil Strap freestyle ankle strap, the Reload guarantees increased responsiveness while maintaining a certain freedom of lateral movement for even bigger tricks. 

The Reload is the best ally for sending all your favourite tricks all over the mountain!
Ideal for practicing freestyle at Snow Park or in the city, this attachment will bring you flexibility, comfort and responsiveness.


Construction :

- Base: LIGHT SABER, this base is an evolution of the baseplate Delta Light. With contact points reduced to give a better driving feel while reducing weight. Adjustable without tools, the spoiler is adjustable independently of the straps. This is a reactive model, light and comfortable.
- Spoiler: SPADE, this spoiler has an asymmetrical design that gives more flexibility to control the craft and many settings with a new adjustment system that is both faster to change and more sustainable.
- Straps: LIL STRAP, they are injected straps to maximize power transmission. They have a shape that provides direct response and fluid on the longitudinal axis, while keeping some lateral freedom for your figures.
- Buckles: MG12, are innovative buckles and faster and more efficient market. They are recognized for their ability to drag five-step scale for each click, more ergonomic shape has been redesigned to speed up operations ratcheting and liberation.