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DB Cascade Walnut Complete Longboard - 38

  • $34900

The Cascades are the ever-present backdrop of the Pacific Northwest. This striking mountain range trickles down into foothills extending all directions and provides an unlimited expanse of riding opportunities in a majestic setting that can be found nowhere else. The Cascade pintail is our homage to this unique environment. Real walnut veneer gives the deck a rich aesthetic while eight plies of hard rock maple and signature DB Longboards quality lamination ensure this board will last as long as the hills themselves. The directional pintail shape is timeless. Mild camber and subtle flex make this a trustworthy deck well-suited for comfortable pushing, carving and cruising any distance. The mountains are calling and you must go!


Deck Dimensions

DB Longboards Cascade 38 Deck Specs

The Cascades directional profile and 24.5" wheelbase make this a nimble pinner with lots of attitude. Narrow width in the back for quick steering, wider in the front for that extra concave lock. Don't worry, this thing has deep wheel wells so you won't have wheel bite killing your buzz. 

Platform Specs

DB Longboards 38 Cascade Profile

The Cascade is designed to be perfect for carving and cruising. The continuous 0.5" camber will get you great lean into your turn and maximum energy return out of it. The cambered design combined with the 24.5" wheel base makes the Cascade nimble, fun, and compact. 

Concave Design

DB Longboards Cascade 38 concave

Mellow continuous concave throughout the deck gives you the prefect balance of flex and grip. Enough concave to make your turns comfortable but not so much that it deadens the board. 



DB Longboards Cascade 38 Construction

The Cascade is constructed of a Hard Rock Maple Core with walnut top and bottom sheet. Maple and Walnut are both highly durable hardwoods that are perfect for making quality longboards. The walnut faces give this board a unique look and rich graphic quality. As always we laminate these boards one by one with watertight glue right here in the USA.


Made in the USA

This board is made with pride in our factory just south of Seattle, WA.


This board comes fully assembled with the following components:

  • Trucks - Atlas 48* RKP Black
  • Wheels - Cloudride 69mm Cruisers
  • Bearings - Cloudride Abec 7
  • Bearing Spacers - Cloud Ride
  • Grip Tape - EZ Grip Fine
  • Hardware - Black 1.25 Phillips

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