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DB Canyon Complete Longboard - 42

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Deck Dimensions

Canyon 42 Deck Specs

The Canyon 42" has a longer wheelbase and standing platform making it perfect for cross stepping and walking. Narrow width in the back for quick steering, wider in the front for that extra concave lock. Deep wheel wells will keep you carving deep without any wheelbite. 

Platform Specs

Canyon 42 Profile

Continuous 0.5" camber will get you great lean into your turn and maximum energy return out of it. 

Concave Design

DB Longboards Party Wave 42 Concave

Mellow continuous concave throughout the deck gives you the prefect balance of flex and grip. Enough concave to make your turns comfortable but not so much that it deadens the board. 


DB Longboards Party Wave 42 Construction

The Party Wave is constructed of 100% Hard Rock Maple Veneer. Maple is an extremely tough and reliable wood, it's been used in skateboards and longboards for the better half of a century for a reason. Laminated with a watertight glue and sealed with water proof lacquer this thing will still be rolling long after the party's over.  


This board comes fully assembled with the following components:

  • Trucks - Atlas 48* RKP Black
  • Wheels - Cloudride 69mm Cruisers
  • Bearings - Cloudride Abec 7
  • Bearing Spacers - Cloud Ride
  • Grip Tape - EZ Grip Fine
  • Hardware - Black 1.25 Phillips

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