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DB Cabrakan Complete Longboard - 38

  • $36900

The Cabrakan is a one-of-a-kind creation that gives off a well-deserved aura of awesomeness. A topsheet of authentic walnut veneer beautifully elevates this decks construction while the reflective base graphic makes it a truly awe inspiring board. Drop through truck mounting and a functional twin-tip shape will equip you to tackle mountains and valleys alike. There is one board to rise above the rest - the almighty Cabrakan.

Deck Dimensions

38 Cabrakan Decks Specs

38" length and 8.88" width makes for a bi-directional ride with good stability and easy pushing. The drop though mount' lowers the board and reduces lean making this a great board for carving a bit faster or pushing longer distances. 

Platform Specs

Urban Native 38 Profile

Continuous camber across the deck makes for a springy flex and and responsive turning. 

Concave Design

Mellow continuous concave throughout the deck gives you the prefect balance of flex and grip. Enough concave to make your turns comfortable but not so much that it deadens the board. 

Cabrikan 38 Concave


Hard Rock Maple core sandwhiched between two beautiful walnut faces. This layup is strong, durable, and offers perfect dampend flex for carving and cruising. 

Cabrakan 38 Constructions

Hand Crafted in the USA

This board is made with pride in our factory just south of Seattle, WA.


This board comes fully assembled with the following components:

Trucks - Atlas 48* RKP Black

Wheels - Cloudride Cruiser 69mm 79a

Bearings - Cloudride Abec 7

Bearing Spacers - Cloud Ride

Grip Tape - EZ Grip Fine

Hardware - Black 1.25 Phillips

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