Tips on buying a Board 

Buying a snowboard these days can be confusing. At Ballistyx our staff have the experience and expertise to get you the right board for every type of budget and riding style. We are so confident we Guarantee It! Our Guaranteed Fit Policy gives you faith that you are getting the right gear. That's right! If you buy your gear from Ballistyx and that equipment does not do what we say it will, bring it back and we will swap it over, just don't wrap it around a tree. Here are a few pointers…

What Board Type?

Type of board is important as there is a lot of misleading info out there and some shops who just want to sell you a board no matter what. We see this all the time especially from overseas websites. When you go up to the snow you have to buy a lift ticket, buy lunch, buy accommodation. It is just buy, buy, buy. The only thing Ballistyx can control is what is on your feet and the board you are riding, that is why we Guarantee It.

Length & Width

There is so much that goes into what size board you need. The biggest misconception is that you buy a board based on if it comes to your chin, nose, eyebrows… something like that. Remember that when you are standing on your board, it has no idea how tall you are! As you initiate turns by bending the board, your body weight is a key factor as well as what kind of riding, where you are riding, foot size and lots of other factors that can influence what is right and what is no right. When you buy a board from us we will steer you in the right direction… remember we Guarantee It.

Tips on buying Boots

If you can only buy one piece of snowboard kit, make sure you get boots. And if you are going to buy a board, make sure you buy your boots first. The width of your board will depend on your boots.


Everyone's feet are different, so it's important to find a good shop where you can get unbiased advice. This is where our Guaranteed Fit Policy really hits home. A boot that is fit incorrectly can ruin your day. The shape of your feet should be assessed and there should be a good choice. Be warned though - in some cases if you buy a boot that feels fantastic, you are probably buying the wrong boots.

Tips on buying bindings

If you have a boot make sure you let us know what it is to ensure the binding works with the boot. Boot shapes are so different that certain boot and binding combos will work better than others and can change the size you need. There are so many adjustments in a binding that can be the difference between turning and not it is crucial to get it right. Our Guaranteed Fit Policy ensures it.


This is the Golden question it seems and there is so much information out there… some of it misleading.  It depends on a few factors:

  1. What board is it? Brand, style there is heaps of different reverse camber boards that do different things.
  2. What type of riding are you doing or do you want to do?
  3. What is your body weight? This is a key question and can help us narrow it down for you.

Our Ballistyx Guaranteed Fit Policy is there for you.  To make sure that you do not get trapped into buying a board that is not right for you and what you want it to achieve.



There is no doubt that snowboard boots are all different in shape and size and should be custom fit to meet the needs of the individual. Even U.S sizing can differ depending on the internal shape of the boot. At Ballistyx, we offer our 'Guaranteed Fit' which gives you piece of mind that with every purchase it is our job to get your size right. Snowboard boots do not fit like runners! That is why when you order your boots one of our team members will call you to go over our 6 point fitting system and ultimately get you the right boot. An easy way to get off on the right track is to measure the centimetre length of both your feet from heel to toe and then add a centimetre to the longest foot.  To help take the confusion out of it we have provided a basic guide to help you out.


We take the risk out of buying snowboard boots online!  Our 'Guaranteed Fit' gives you piece of mind that we get you the perfect fit, or we will swap it over no questions.

International Shoe Size Equivalents 

US & Canada  5.5  6.5  7.5  8.5  9.5  10  10.5  11  11.5 
Europe  35  35.5  36  37  37.5  38  38.5  39  39.5  40  40.5  41  41.5  42 
UK  2.5  3.5  4.5  5.5  6.5  7.5  8.5 
Japan  21  21.5  22  22.5  23  23.5  24  24.5  25  25.5  26  26.5  27  27.5 


Male/Female Shoe Size Equivalents 

Guys  4.5  5.5  6.5  7.5  8.5 
Girls  5.5  6.5  7.5  8.5  9.5  10  10.5 


Male/Female Shoe Size Equivalents Continued 

Guys  9.5  10  10.5  11  11.5  12  12.5  13  13.5  14 
Girls  11  11.5  12  12.5  13  13.5  14  14.5  15  15.5



The deck is the board part of the skateboard. This skateboard deck sizing chart is meant for beginner and intermediate skateboarders - it's not a hard rule, but a guide to help if you want it. 

Compare the skater’s height to this chart:

Under 4’ = 29” or smaller 
4’ to 4’10” = 29” to 30” long 
4’10” to 5’3” = 30.5” to 31.5” long 
5’3” to 5”8” = 31.5” to 32” long 
5”8” to 6’1” = 32” to 32.5” long 
Over 6’1” = 32.4” and up
For your skateboard’s width, it all depends on how big your feet are. Most skateboards are around 7.5” to 8" wide, but can be wider or narrower. If you have larger feet, get a wider skateboard deck.

Once you have the basic size in mind, you can tweak it a little depending on what you want to do with your board. If you want to skateboard transition or vert, if you want to ride a lot of ramps or spend most of your time riding at the skate park, then a wider board is a good choice (8” wide or more). If you want to ride around streets more, and do more technical tricks with your board then try to keep it under 8” wide. If you are looking for a skateboard to cruise around on, and don’t plan on branching into tricks too much, then a bigger, wider board is always better.