Jones - Mercury - Mens Bindings 2019 - Black

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The Jones Mercury 2019 Bindings is the new signature bindings used and developed by the most influential back country rider in the world Jeremy Jones. Featuring a medium stiffness for all round response, this binding gives ultimate all-mountain performance without tiring you out. Featuring SkateTech from the famous Now binding series, your board will flex naturally whilst allowing for enhanced edge control with dampening underfoot for a comfortable ride. With straps that can be flipped for more control of the fit on the boot, you are guaranteed to maximise the binding to its fullest potential. 


  • Flex Rating: 7 / 10
  • Skate-Tech
  • Buckles 2.0
  • Hangar 2.0 Nylon construction with fibreglass reinforcement
  • Flex Hinge Highback
  • 3D Toe Straps
  • Hybrid Toolless FlipIt Straps
  • Highcup Compatibility – Compatible with all NOW hangers. Low profile for extra flexibility.
  • Flushcup Technology
  • Nylon 4x4 and EST disc included 
  • Lifetime warranty program

Check the size guide below for fitting:




There is so much that goes into what size board you need. The biggest misconception is that you buy a board based on if it comes to your chin, nose, eyebrows… something like that. Remember that when you are standing on your board, it has no idea how tall you are! As you initiate turns by bending the board, your body weight is a key factor as well as what kind of riding, where you are riding, foot size and lots of other factors that can influence what is right and what is no right. When you buy a board from us we will steer you in the right direction… remember we Guarantee It.