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The Evolve Bamboo GTX Electric Skateboard is becoming our best seller, we have staff riding this board and they have been fantastic, they go anywhere, the feedback is over rough surfaces, bumps where footpaths joins roads etc these just power across. On the smooth they rip, rough, uneven surfaces the big wheels just soak it up. Top of the range performance and endurance, the Bamboo GTX is highly recommended.

    • The GT designation is reserved for the highest performing, pinnacle model of a performance vehicle line. After more than two years of development, Evolve brought GT performance to the electric skateboarding industry. The legacy of the Bamboo GT Series has now evolved to more power, more performance and more versatility than ever before.

      Evolve Skateboards presents the Bamboo GTX Series –the powerful and performance features of the GT Carbon Series, but with the hugely popular flexible bamboo deck. It's the ultimate longboard with unrivalled electric performance.  3000 watts of on-demand dual brushless sensored motor power, all new ALL TERRIAN WHEELS that work on the street, but will handle dirt roads, off road tracks, handle bumps, dips and rough terrian with ease, go anywhere with these monster wheels. Massive lithium battery for the longest ride time possible, the new wider super-carve truck system for stability whilst enabling tight carves, LCD screen digital remote and a comfortable and flexible bamboo deck pimped with laser cut grip tape! The perfect combination of style and ability, the Bamboo GTX Series is the insanely awesome carving machine for the wood deck loyalist who wants maximum performance with the versitility top take it anywhere!
    • Evolve Bamboo GTX Series from Evolve Skateboards on Vimeo.


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