It could be an epic winter this 2016\17 season across Japan and Canada. Japan's weather bureau has stated that there is a 70% chance of above average snowfall emerging from this autumn. The 2005/06 season saw similar weather patterns with heavy snow across Japan and most recently for the 2011/12 season too.

So what does this all mean?

The La Niña weather pattern could bring cooler weather to Japan and the Canadian Rockies which increases the likelihood of snowfall. If this is the case, it could be a really good time to plan that winter holiday.
La Nina Dec-Feb

Do you need special equipment?

The Niseko area in northern Japan is very well known for their dry powder snow. The average snowfall is over 14m with an average snow depth of over 3 meters. Powder boards and wider boards will perform better in this type of snow.

Powder boards are designed so that the tail of the board sinks lower into the snow raising the tip which makes the board easier to turn through deep snow like this. They're also wider so you won't be standing as deep in the snow. On a regular board you should set back your stance to keep your rear leg lower than your front.

How we can help you

Our staff have many years of experience riding in this type of snow. Steve, the owner of Ballistyx has been going to Japan since 1986. Josh, the snowboard manager, has been a guide in Japan for nearly 10 years. Other staff have been doing back to back seasons in North America, Canada and Japan. We're always happy to help so if you have any questions about powder boards, call us on 03 9870 9991 and we can give you some further advice.

What we recommend

As a general recommendation without knowing your size, riding style and other unique points about you we can give you a few tips to get you started on your adventure.


If you're going to Japan, we recommend shorter, wider boards with a swallow tail. Boards like the Jones "Storm Chaser" or the K2 "Cool Bean" are both very well suited to deep, dry, Japanese powder.

Jones - Storm Chaser - PowderboardK2- Cool Bean - Powderboard


Heading across the Pacific to Canada? You'd probably want a bigger board that is more suited to big mountain powder. The Jones "Hovercraft" and the Nitro "Nuat" are two very unique boards that can handle everything the mountain throws your way.

Jones - Hovercraft - PowderboardNitro - NUAT - Powderboard