Australia is in for its coldest winter ON RECORD!

Australia is in for its coldest winter ON RECORD!

• A weather expert has predicted that Australia is in for record breaking icy winter
• David Taylor has correctly predicted previous rouge weather events
• His forecasts use a range of cutting edge information including sun spot activity 


A renowned weather forecaster claims Australia is set for thecoldest winter on record saying temperatures and snowfall could reach shocking levels compared to previous years. David Taylor, who has correctly predicted previous major weather events, has reaffirmed his forecast today that Australia is set for its coldest winter since records began.

Mr Taylor, who runs the East Coast Weather 
Facebook page, said that the icy conditions would impact huge areas of the country. 'It will be slightly cooler than normal in the north but the real cold will be in the southern states and southeast Queensland, he told The Cairns Post. Discussing a previous correct forecast, Mr Taylor said, 'It was the sunspot activity that predicted to me the low would form over Townsville.' He said weather systems were susceptible to the 'butterfly effect' in which seemingly small changes can have vast and far reaching outcomes. 

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