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Red Bull "Supernatural" Airs On NBC

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Apr 2, 2012 Bookmark and Share

Travis Rice's baby "Supernatural"  finally aired yesterday on NBC , spreading the amazing visions of snowboarding excellence we all know well to TV sets all across America!!!

On the day the Red Bull Supernatural went down, riders awoke before dawn and stumbled, bleary eyed, into the snowcat waiting for them outside Baldface lodge. The face where the contest was held only gets direct light for a short window of time, and it happens early, so the myriad of details required to make sure the event got underway on schedule had to be taken care of even earlier -- including making sure the riders' legs were "contest ready."

It was still dark when 18 of the world's best big mountain freestyle snowboarders were dropped off for their warm-up run; still dark as they lined up along the ridge above, strapped into their boards and squinted off into the distance, wondering how they were going to ride down, when they couldn't see the run below them.

 And then the sun rose. The rose-tinted light of early morning hit the Craig's cross first: The handmade memorial to the legendary godfather of backcountry style, Craig Kelly, whose spirit lives solidly on at Baldface even though his person does not, sits in the middle of the ridge, overlooking the lodge on one side, and what the riders quickly discovered was their warm-up run on the other. Then the sun lit the snow on fire, and without any pre-planning, discussion or call-out, all 18 riders dropped into their first run of the day, together.

 Later that night, the news that the same man who had reached into the vast expanse of his imagination, pulled the dream that was the Supernatural out of it, and spent two years laboring to turn that dream into a reality had won the event made it out of the Canadian woods, and into the world at large.

As one of the few snowboarders who registers on the radar of mainstream consciousness, Travis Rice has a rather unique opportunity to try to push another story about what snowboarding "is" out into the world. With his movies he's already begun to refocus the spotlight shining on him onto actual mountains and the people who ride them the most creatively. So why not go a step further: Take a daydream, turn it into a real-life playground, invite the cream of the backcountry style-master crop to jump around in it, call it a "contest," and in doing so try to change our ideas about what a contest could actually be?




Check it out out from the riders view: