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This is the Golden question it seems and there is so much information out there...some of it misleading.  It depends on a few factors:

1) What board is it? Brand, style there is heaps of different reverse camber boards that do different things.

2) What type of riding are you doing or do you want to do?

3) What is your body weight?  This is a key question and can help us narrow it down for you.

Our Ballistyx Guaranteed Fit Policy is there for you.  To make sure you do not get trapped into maybe buying a board that is not right for you and what you want it to achieve.

Top 10 Questions

1. Where can I find my local Ballistyx! store?

2. What is the best snowboard size for me?

3. What is all the important info on SHIPPING, Guaranteed Fit and Sizing?

4. How do I know my shoe size?

5. When I buy a reverse camber snowboard do I go shorter or longer?

6. Why should I register and become a Member?

7. How does Ballistyx! get my orders to me?

8. Does support international orders?

9. Help! What size am I?

10. Do I have to register with Ballistyx! to shop online?

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